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Evangeline 'Jack' [userpic]
Sombreros and Shortbread S/A
by Evangeline 'Jack' (angie_gaskarth)

Title:   Sombreros and Shortbread S/A

Author: angie_gaskarth
Rating: PG
Pairing: Matt Barnes/Max Helyer
Vibes: Matt's finally coming back from a two week holiday and Max has missed him more than he thought possible.
Warnings: Fluff, fluff and more fluff. 
Disclaimer: I do not own these beautiful boys, no matter how much I wish. They belong to themselves and as far as I know, this unfortunately never happened. 
A/N: I adored writing this! Both boys are so CUTE! I'm loving the weather so much at the moment that I may take a trip down to the park soon and start something else. At the moment, I'm working on a Matt Barnes fic and I hope to have it out by the time my exams finish. Stay Awesome! I'd love to know what you think of it!! Much Love! <3  
P.S. This is based off of prompt 69: Shortbread (:

   Max had overslept. He threw his covers off in a rush before jumping into the shower. Today Matt was coming back from his holiday in Mexico with his family. Max had been planning to make it special for when his boyfriend came back home. He had missed him so much.

   It was an alien feeling the first morning Max woke up without Matt beside him. At first he fumbled around in his sleepy state, trying to find where his handsome handful of perfection was, only to realize that the other half of the bed was vacant.

   That was the day that he realized just how much Matt meant to him; how much he depended on him.

   Max had grown use to waking up with the bassist in his arms and his soft breath on his neck, soothing him. It was always a struggle for both boys to climb out from under the covers and out of each other’s arms every morning.

   But that lonely first morning without his Asian prince beside him, Max found himself pining for him. He moped around their house for the whole day, not quite sure what to do with himself. And when Matt rang him that night to check up on him and fill him in on his latest adventures, it took Max all he had not to beg for Matt to come back home. He had been gone for just over 24 hours and Max was nearly in pieces. But he wanted his love to have an amazing time and he wasn’t going to be the one to ruin it, so he kept his mouth shut. Really tightly shut.

   Max lathered the shampoo into his hair, not wanting to miss a spot. It was coconut scented: Matt’s favourite. A smile spread across the brunette boys face as he remembered the nights when he would sit with his head in Matt’s lap as he would run his fingers through his hair, sending chills down his spine.

   As the pineapple loving boy made his way into their bedroom, he dried his hair and pulled on a pair of jeans. These specific pair of jeans however happened to be Matt’s favourite on Max as he was always saying how much he loved to see the smaller boy in them. They were his tightest pair and hugged his hips and legs perfectly. He then continued to button up his shirt, before trying to tame his hair into his usual style.

   He made his way into the kitchen and started to pull pots and pans about, mixing things together. He laid the table and lit candles, before returning to the kitchen only to be faced with a disaster. He had no flour!

   How was he supposed to make the cake that he had planned? His eyes snapped to the clock on the wall. It was too late to go to the shop now. If he went, then he may not get back in time for Matt. Not to mention the dinner would spoil. He tugged at his hair in frustration.

   He pulled open drawers and cupboards and rummaged around. He was about to give up, but then something caught the corner of his eye and he had an idea. He pulled the box down and smiled to himself. A box of shortbread.

   He pulled out a plate and tore open the box. He arranged the small rectangular pieces of shortbread into a kind of brick shape. He then pulled out a jar of chocolate spread and smeared a good amount over the top acting as the filling and then added another layer of shortbread on top and repeated this again. He then proceeded to mix together some icing and pour it on top. Finally he pulled some tangfastics out of the cupboard and arranged them on top.

   He pulled back and admired his work. It looked much better than he imagined, despite the excess icing dripping down the sides and pooling at the bottom of the makeshift cake. A smile spread across Max’s lips as he left it to the side, waiting for it to dry as he carried on with the rest of the preparations.


   Everything was ready and Max was sitting on the sofa, well he wasn’t really sitting...he was bouncing a little due to how excited he was to see his beautiful boyfriend that he hadn’t seen in two whole weeks. He wasn’t sure how he should greet him, should he smile? Say something witty? Wave? He was running through all of the possibilities in his head, but before he could come to a conclusion, he heard a key in the door.


   The door swung open and there stood his “long lost” lover: Matt. A sombrero was perched on his head and a grin on his face. He dropped his suitcase and opened up his arms as Max immediately launched himself at the taller boy. He clung to him like a koala to a tree and didn’t want to let him go. Gosh, he had missed him.

   Max breathed in the familiar, comforting scent that drifted from Matt. He sighed in content as he felt the darker haired boy hug him back just as enthusiastically. Then Max felt Matt pull back a little and before he could open his eyes, he felt his lover’s lips pressing to his own. The kiss was desperate and so full of love. Max felt just how much Matt had really missed him.

   They eventually pulled apart, grins spread wide on both boys’ faces.

   “I’ve missed you so much Maxy!” he squeezed the boy in his arms gently.

   “I’ve missed you so much too!” the smaller boy replied, tears threatening to blur his brown eyes. “Hey, I like the new look,” he prodded the sombrero on Matt’s head and laughed as Matt lead him to the sofa, pulled him into his lap and took the sombrero off of his head and placed it on his own.

   “Awehh, I think it looks much cuter on you!” This caused the hedgehog haired boy to blush and snuggle as close to his boyfriend as the sombrero would allow him.

   “So, tell me everything!” exclaimed Max, excited to hear what adventures his boyfriend had been involved in and glad to be back in his arms. “What have you been up to?”

   “It was so awesome and the weather was beautiful!” He pulled his camera out of his pocket and turned it on to show Max. A picture flashed on the screen of Matt shoving his face with burritos and Max couldn’t help but giggle. Then a picture showed him and a few of his other family members who had gone all smiling with bottles of beer in their hand, whilst Matt was holding his in a cup. Max knew how Matt preferred to drink out of cups as oppose to bottles.

   Then Matt flicked to the next photo and it was a picture of him lying asleep in bed, clutching a pillow to his chest. Max let out and audible “awwhh” and looked up to see Matt blushing.

   “I didn’t take that,” he said. “I didn’t know it was even taken, let alone on here.”

   “Awehh, it’s so sweet! You were cuddling a pillow like it was your teddy bear!”

   “Well it felt weird as...well I didn’t have you next to me,” he admitted, a blush beginning to creep onto his cheeks. “And that was the closest thing to you...my little pudgy prince,” he poked the giggling boy in his grasp in the stomach, making him chuckle more.

   Then Matt flicked to the next photo, making Max’s grin grow even wider, if that were even possible. On the little screen in front of him was a picture off Matt on the beach laid out on his towel in his swimming trunks crossing his eyes and sticking his tongue out at the camera.

   “I like this one,” Max announced, grinning up at the dark haired boy. “I like this one a lot.”

   “Really?” Matt asked, pulling the same face, causing the small boy to hold his stomach as he doubled over in laughter. “So you like it when I do that do you?”

   “I’d like it even more if you had your shirt off as well,” he winked.

   “Wellll...” Matt whispered in a somewhat seductive tone that caused shivers to shoot down Max’s spine. His fingers were slowly trailing up his chest covered by his shirt, but before he could continue, he heard the alarm on the oven go off and he jumped out of Matt’s hold.

   He rushed into the kitchen and started to prepare the food that had finished cooking. He turned around and saw Matt standing in the doorway, a smirk on his face.

   “Cooking huh?” he raised his eyebrows.

   “Don’t worry; I didn’t go too over the top. I know you don’t like it when I use the cooker without you here, in case I set something on fire. So I just made something simple.”

   “Awehh Max, you’re just too cute!” Max smiled as he carried their meals to the table, yelping when Matt slapped his butt when he passed him in the doorway. Max growled and Matt’s reply was simply, “what? You’re wearing my favourite jeans.”

   The two enjoyed their meal and Matt complimented Max on how delightful the meal was. Also at how good he was at putting food in the oven and waiting for it to finish cooking.

   “You may joke now about my cooking skills, but I made you a cake.” He returned from the kitchen and placed the cake in front of Matt, earning a grin from the darker haired boy.

   “Wow Max, it has Tangfastics on it and everything! It looks delicious! Did you really make it yourself?” Max nodded as he watched his boyfriend tuck into the creative treat that he had whipped together.

   “Wait...is this...” Matt looked the ‘cake’ over. “Is this shortbread?”

   “Well...yes. You see I ran out of flour and I woke up late and didn’t have time to go to the shop. I just wanted everything to be perfect and...” Max’s ramblings stopped when Matt’s lips pressed to his own.

   “It is perfect Max. In fact this is the best cake that I have ever had. And also, you’re here, so how could it not be perfect?” Max grinned, he couldn’t express just how much he loved this beautiful brown haired, slightly Asian looking boy in his life.


   The two boys were curled up on the sofa, Max’s head in Matt’s lap as Matt ran his fingers through his hair. Max had missed this; he had missed Matt.

   “I love you so much Matty! And I’ve missed you so much!” he grinned up at the boy, voicing his thoughts.

   “Awh Max, I’ve missed you more than anything, and I love you more than anything as well.”

   They were both searching each other’s eyes and content with the love that they saw and felt for each other. Now that they were both back where they belonged, with each other, nothing could break the smiles on their faces.

   “I can’t wait to go back there!” Matt exclaimed, excitement clear in his voice. However, Max felt the complete opposite. His stomach dropped and he felt his body automatically tense up. He knew that if Matt were to be gone for that long again, then it would tear him apart.

   Before Matt knew what was happening the words came tumbling out from his mouth and he felt tears beginning to build up in his eyes. “Please don’t leave me again! It was horrible without you! I was counting down the days until you came home and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I just moped around and sleeping at night was so difficult without you by my side. Every morning I’d wake up searching for you, only to find that you weren’t there and...and...”

   Matt kissed the single tear running down Max’s cheek and held him so close that it almost hurt.

   “What are you talking about Max? You’d be coming with me.”

   “I would?” he sniffed.

   “Of course! Do you really think I could leave you again? These two weeks without you were hell. I’m never leaving your side again. Never.”

   Max was grinning now, not only excited that he would be going on holiday but because he’d be going with Matt. Not only that but Matt felt exactly the same way and didn’t want to be away from him again either.

   “I can’t wait to lounge around at the beach with you, munching shortbread in sombreros.” Matt grinned at hearing this, kissing the brown haired beauty in his lap. No way would he ever be leaving his side again.