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rebeccs13 [userpic]
3 Whole Words
by rebeccs13 (rebeccs13)
at 29th April 2012 (19:55)

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Title: 3 Whole Words
Pairing: Josh/Oli
Rating: pg-13
Warning: implied drinking and drug use.
Summary: Oliver drunk dials Josh and tells him things Josh never knew.
Author Notes: I got this idea when I was half asleep and made myself wake up to write it. 
Disclaimer: Don't own the boys just the plot. 

It’s a Tuesday. Oliver always goes around Josh’s house after school on Tuesdays but the thing is he isn’t sure if he and Josh are okay. Josh hasn’t spoken to him since Saturday and that is highly unusual. Oliver thinks he’s done something to upset his boyfriend especially since Josh hasn’t been at school for the past two days.

Oliver walks to Josh’s house and rings the doorbell. Mrs Franceschi answers; she’s drying her hands with a towel.

     “Oliver!” She sounds genuinely glad to see him. “Maybe you can drag Josh out of his room long enough for him to eat.”

Oh wow, okay, he hasn’t been eating?

     “I’ll see what I can do.” Oliver says and Mrs Franceschi steps aside and lets him in.

Oliver stands outside Josh’s door and presses his ear against it. He can hear Josh crying from inside. It makes his stomach ache and his heart constrict. He loves Josh and he hates him being upset, especially when he knows it’s more than likely he’s caused it.  

He pushes the handle down quietly and steps through into Josh’s room. Josh is wearing boxers and a baggy shirt, his face pressed into the pillow as his shoulders shake with sobs. He doesn’t know Oliver’s there. Oliver sighs quietly and goes to step towards the bed but thinks better of it. He doesn’t know what he’s done after all.

     “Josh?” Oliver murmurs.

Josh visibly tenses from head to toe. Oliver thinks that he must have done something bad. Josh doesn’t lift his head from the pillow.

     “What the fuck are you doing here?” Josh practically snarls.

Oliver flinches and takes half a step backwards. Wow, this is the first time he’s been scared of Josh. Oliver had been drinking and smoking pot on Saturday at a party and he couldn’t remember the entire night so he figures that has something to do with this.

     “I umm, I came to see why you haven’t been to school and umm… Why you’re ignoring me?”

Josh lifts his face out of the pillow then and Oliver wishes he hadn’t. He looks so broken.

     “You want to know why?” He whispers and Oliver gets even more scared. He’s never seen Josh like this. Josh doesn’t even wait for an answer. “Because while you were off your face at a party you know I didn’t want you to go to you called me.” Oliver pales. “Yeah, Oli. I knew you were drunk but do you know what you said to me?” Oliver gulps and shakes his head. Josh is still crying, silent tears rolling down his face. “You said…” Josh takes in a shaky breath and Oliver realizes this is probably going to be the end of them. “Said that you only went out with me in the first place because Lee dared you too, said that you didn’t really like me and it was all for a bet. You said that… That Matt had bet you twenty quid that you wouldn’t be able to take my virginity in less than three months, said that I mean nothing to you and you only told me you love me to get me into bed.”

Josh is sobbing and Oliver doesn’t know what to do now because it’s true. Not the bits about not liking him and the I love you’s meaning nothing, but the rest is true.

     “Say something.” Josh sobs. “Please just tell me it’s not true.” He cries and a tear of Oliver’s own rolls down his cheek. Josh looks up and Oliver sees when he realizes, sees his heart shatter through his eyes. “It is isn’t it?”

Oliver just stands there, mouth opening and closing.

     “I… It’s true.” Oliver Whispers. Josh’s face totally crumples and he starts crying into his hands. Oliver rushes over to the bed and grips Josh’s wrists, albeit gently, and pulls his hands away from his face. Josh won’t look at him, his eyes are closed and his chin is touching his chest as he faces his lap, tears pouring from his eyes. “I’m sorry.” Oliver whispers and Josh shakes his head, sobbing openly and looking down at his lap. “I, yeah I started going out with you as a dare and the… The bit about taking your virginity was true too.” Josh makes a little choking noise in the back of this throat.

Josh had always wanted losing his virginity to be special and when he had it had hurt so much. It hadn’t been a particularly romantic experience but Josh had truly believed Oliver cared about him. It feels like someone has taken a hatchet and split his heart right down the middle.

Oliver sees the pain he’s caused Josh and it makes him want to throw up because that was such a horrible thing to do. He’s panicking now.

     “But I-I started to like you! Like really like you, like love you. I don’t lie when I say it now and I’m so so fucking sorry that you had to find out like that and that I even did it all in the first place.”

     “How could you?” Josh sobs.

Oliver doesn’t say anything; he doesn’t know what he could possibly say to make this better. There’s a full minute where all that can be heard is Josh’s crying. Then Oliver says something but he doesn’t really think about it first and he’s going to regret it.

     “I didn’t plan to fall in love with you.” He whispers.

Josh’s head snaps up and holy shit, Oliver has never seen him that angry. Josh jumps up from the bed and stands about two feet away from Oliver.

     “No?” And now Josh’s voice has dropped down low. “So you only planned to get with me, fuck me, take your money and leave? You only planned to fuck me over?!” Josh is yelling. “You took the most precious thing I had Oli! You took something I can never get back! All for twenty quid! You never cared about me in the first place, you tricked me and told me you love me just so I would sleep with you and you could win you precious bet! Get the fuck out of my house! I never want to see you again.”

Josh whispers the last sentence and it feels like someone has stabbed Oliver. He can’t breathe, can’t even think of losing Josh. Oliver doesn’t say anything, just runs from the house.

Josh sobs. A couple of seconds later Josh feels arms wrap around him and he’s pulled into a hug.

     “Oh Josh.” His mom murmurs. “None of this was your fault.” She kisses his temple and holds him while he cries.


Posted by: summerdownturn (summerdownturn)
Posted at: 29th April 2012 21:56 (UTC)

awwwwwww my heart is broken ='[ I don't know who I feel more sad for!

fwejnfwkj wonderful job <3

Posted by: rebeccs13 (rebeccs13)
Posted at: 30th April 2012 16:47 (UTC)

I don't really know who to feel sorry for in this either...

uygduygkfew thank youuuu <3

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